Today's photo booths have come a long way from the booths of yesteryear.  No more squeezing a few people into a tiny little booth for the picture and then waiting forever for a low quality, black & white print that fades in a very short time.  Today's photo booth packages should all include high quality printers, state of the art software, customized message on each print, an attendant throughout the event and of course an assortment of fun props.

Choosing vendors for your wedding or event is often complicated by the different types of packages offered at different prices.   Often a vendor has a low advertised price but you will need to add on several options to get to the real price.  Low prices are often only for events held Monday through Thursday and for a very short time period. 

All-Inclusive packages tailored for your event type are usually the best overall value.  For example a wedding or birthday event should include a scrapbook with copies of all the pictures and guest comments along side the photo strips.  Corporate events don't need the scrapbook for a keepsake and so could include 4x6 inch prints instead of strips for the same price.

Questions to ask photo booth vendors

1. Is the booth attractive enough for my event? No exposed metal or logos.

2. Will every guest in the photo get a photo strip? Some photo booth companies print only 1 strip for each group using the booth! An attendant at the event should print enough strips for each guest in the picture.

3. Is the picture format fully customizable? Good photo booth software can print traditional photo strips or 4 x 6 prints with 1 to 4 pictures on each.  Options should include at least color, b&w and sepia toned or more.

4. What type of printer is used? Ink jets print slow and fade fast, insist on dye-sublimation printers.  With dye-sublimation the prints are finished in a few seconds, require no drying time and last virtually forever.

5. Are the prints instantly available when the guest exits booth? Our prints are available in about 5 seconds and last virtually forever.  Guests love to collect the photo strips and are more likely to leave a message in the scrapbook if the pictures are available instantly.

6. Are props included? A wide assortment of high quality props such as wigs, hats, sunglasses, etc, should be included.  Ask for themed props to fit your event's theme.

7. Does the booth have an external monitor so those waiting in line can see the action inside?  Projectors may also be attached to show the photo booth action to everyone in attendance on a large wall.

8. Does the vendor offer a range of different booth types? Seated booths, stand-up style booths for larger groups, open booths, green screens and flipbooks are just some of the types available to meet any need.

9. Are they trying to lure you in with a low price that doesn't include any of the stuff you want or need? All-inclusive packages give you everything you need for a great photo booth experience with no additional charges after the event.

10. Are they using state-of-the-art software? The most up to date software includes social media integration, video capabilities, touchscreen monitors, etc.

123 Picture Me does all this and more. We deliver high quality photos and set the standard for customer service. Every photo booth vendor is different. Insist on the best photo booth features and service at the best price.