add an Outdoor movie to your event

Event Specialists has been providing outdoor movies in Northern and Central Illinois for many years.  Our screens are used for events ranging from backyard halloween party horror movies to hometown festivals.  Outdoor movies are ideal for college events, churches, movies in the park, corporate events or film festivals.

rental includes:

  • Truss Supported Movie Screen
  • Professional Audio & PA System
  • DVD Player & High Lumen Projector
  • Professional Technicians
  • Movie Licensing Information
  • Alternate Rain Date
  • Sponsorship Ads Before Feature Presentation


25 ' Movie Screen

25 ' Movie Screen


Why choose an outdoor movie?  Outdoor movies are a great way to entertain hundreds of people for several hours for an economical price.  Outdoor movies make a great ending to, or featured part of, a larger event.  There are thousands of films to choose from, whether you want a current blockbuster or a classic movie that fits your event theme.

What does Event Specialists provide?  Your custom quote will include planning advice, travel, professional technicians to setup and tear down, top-notch equipment (screen, projector & sound system) and an alternate rain date.

What type of area is needed?  The ideal setting should be a relatively level and clear area that is easily accessed by our technicians.  The area must be free of overhead power wires or other obstructions.  Area should be away from significant sources of ambient or moving lights or lights must be turned off during film.  Restrooms should be easily accessible and numerous enough for your anticipated crowd.

Where do I get the movie?  To publicly exhibit a film you must obtain a licensed version from an authorized distributor.  We will provide the contact information for reputable distributors and walk you through the simple process.  Movie licenses vary in price according to the age or popularity of the movie, the size of your anticipated crowd and other factors.  A license is required whether or not you are charging admission.  All movie titles must be approved by Event Specialists before event.

What about the weather?  Our screens are secured either with anchors into grassy areas or with heavy objects such as water filled barrels or sand bags.  Winds over 20 miles per hour will begin to affect the viewing quality of the screen and may become a safety concern.  The screen will be taken down immediately if high winds begin.  

What if rain is in the forecast?  The movie package includes an alternate rain date to be specified before the event in case inclement weather is in the forecast.

Sounds Great!  How do I book Event Specialists today?  Call 815-830-0712 or send us some details about your event on the Get A Quote Page.

Outdoor Movie


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